Investment Club Holiday Gathering

Members of the Lake Quivira Women’s Investment Quest Club celebrate friendships
and holiday blessings on  December 16  with a festive dinner at the Clubhouse

( L to R) Carol Feiock, LaReta Corbin and Charlene Brennan.
(L to R) Margie Braun, Pat Wahlstedt and Chris Rada

Garden Club – December ’09

By Barb Prater

Holiday Party Coming Up

Holiday time brings lots of parties and social get-togethers, and one I always look forward to is the Garden Club Holiday Party (this is after 30 years of faculty and corporate soirees, so I know what I am talking about). After working really hard in our own and public garden areas and on fundraising projects like Homes Tour and Holiday Bazaar, it’s time to reward ourselves with a little well-earned evening out. This year Bev Sederquist (253 Apache Trail West) is graciously hosting us on Thur., December 17, at 7:30 p.m. with our spouses and significant others. Continue reading Garden Club – December ’09

QMGA – December ’09

By Gerry Wigginton

November has been quiet for the QMGA, now that the official golf season for Quivira is over for the 2009 season. Despite this, the weather was better for us than last month. The course still looks and plays well, and groups still pop up for play when conditions look good. The rough is not too long, and the leaves are scarcely apparent. December should be so good to us! Remember to wish our staff at the Pro Shop happy holidays and a fun vacation period in January

From the Official Rules of Bad Golf, Rule no 20 considers the Ball Missing in Fairway but Obviously Not Lost. For winter play, this should also include balls in the rough.

When a player cannot find a ball he has clearly hit into the fairway or rough, he may declare his ball to be “missing but not lost” and drop another ball in the approximate place where his original ball must have come to rest before mysteriously vanishing, and play that ball without penalty, provided he is convinced an unobserved action of an outside agency, the effects of an unexplained phenomenon, the intervention of a sinister force or the occurrence of a supernatural event, must have intervened.

Rule no 57 considers the Concession of Putts, always of interest to avid golfers.

A player is considered to have holed out on his next stroke, and his putt is deemed to be a “gimme” only as follows:

1. A first putt shall be conceded if it is so extraordinarily short that any player requiring it be putted would be held up to more ridicule for doing so than the player to whom the ball belongs would be if he putted and failed to sink it.

2. A second putt shall be conceded if it is no farther from the hole than the distance “in the leather,” or if the player’s first putt skirted, ringed, lipped, lapped, looped, circled, rimmed or curled around the hole, or hopped out of it after striking its interior.

3. A third putt shall be conceded if it can be reached and picked up within one giant step by a player standing by the hole or if that player reached the green in regulation, but failed to sink his second putt for par.

4.A fourth putt shall be conceded if it lies anywhere on the putting surface unless the player took a practice putt on that green.

Golf can be so much easier if we can all play by the Official Rules of Bad Golf.