Letter – Sandi Beck – thanks to community

On behalf of the entire Beck family I would like to thank this wonderful community for all the love and support you have given us over the past six years as Bear has been fighting Cancer.  You have been there with open arms, a word of encouragement, food for the entire family and so much love.  We cannot begin to tell you what it has meant to all of us.

Bear and I were married in our home the day we moved to Lake Quivira.  When I met Bear he said I was really going to love Kansas City because we were going to live in Lake Quivira, a place he had wanted to buy a home in for many years.  He was correct, we truly have loved living here and being a part of an amazing group of people.  We raised four children and nine grandchildren are now enjoying this wonderful community as well.

All the heartwarming cards and phone calls have been such a comfort. It is so nice to know that you have such good memories of Bear too.

We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Sandi Beck and Family

Letter to the Quivirans – from John Jurcyk

“And the autumn weather / Turns the leaves to gray

And I haven’t got time / For the waiting game….

And the days dwindle down/ To a precious few…”

~September Song


December 15, 2009. Vote deadline.

Our Foundation membership should vote “Yes” on the three amendments to our Quivira covenants on or before December 15.  Please go to the Quivira office and vote “yes” on amendments 1,2A, and 3. You will be glad you did. Why? Continue reading Letter to the Quivirans – from John Jurcyk