Saul Ellis and Mark Simpson speak about their proposed development

Editor of The Quiviran:

After 18 months of careful study of our 65 acres, evaluating numerous land plan revisions based on input from both you as our future neighbors, the City professional land planner, the Quivira Inc. committees and Board of Directors, the future of our new neighborhood becoming a reality for Lake Quivira is now squarely in your hands. Continue reading Saul Ellis and Mark Simpson speak about their proposed development

John Maultsby’s thoughts on ‘The Links’

January 25, 2010

To:       Quivira Inc. Members

Re:       Proposed Quivira Land Company Development: The Links at Quivira

I’m sure you have looked at the letter from Mark Simpson regarding the above proposed development. The proposed additional revenue to Quivira Inc. is significant. However, there are many important questions about this proposal that need to be considered, as follows: Continue reading John Maultsby’s thoughts on ‘The Links’

Letter from Larry Meeker concerning ‘The Links’

By Larry Meeker, Mayor, Past President and Treasurer of Quivira, Inc.

It was disappointing that not a single one of the proposed Quivira, Inc. covenants revisions passed.  This once-in-a-decade opportunity slipped by with over 30% of Quivirans not voting.  However, since a non-vote counted as a “no” vote it is possible the non-voters were simply opposed to all proposed changes and registered that by not voting. Continue reading Letter from Larry Meeker concerning ‘The Links’

Member comment on membership program

By Barton Brown

The membership program and drive for new memberships appears to be directly in conflict with the submission to the membership of a development plan which includes 83 new foundation memberships. In fact the numbers are simple: Quivira has an upper limit on memberships of 550 including both foundation and country club. At present there are about 110 country club memberships and 400 foundation members. If 83 new foundation members are authorized and thus added to the present 400 fondation members, only 67 slots are left open for country club members, a reduction of 43 country club members and their contributions financially and otherwise. I have not seen this loss of income presented in any of the rosy financial figures presented to the membership as part of the “financial windfall” to Quivira as Ellis/Simpson claim in their latest letter to Quivirans.

Letter – Update on the Ridge

Fellow Quivirans:

We wanted to take a moment to bring you up to speed on “The Ridge at Lake Quivira” development initiative at the west end of the dam. This is the development that involves building maintenance provided villas outside of Lake Quivira and connecting them to LQ via a highly secured golf-cart-only access gate. All of these residents would be dues paying off-lake LQ members. Continue reading Letter – Update on the Ridge