4th of July fireworks

By Leslie Treas
By Leslie Treas










By Leslie Treas
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By Susan Hidalgo
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Trailblazers make small, but noticeable dent in honeysuckle infestation on East Silt Pond Trail

Story by Mike Cooper, photos by Ernie Block; photo captions by Leanna Walters

Dana Despain battles the demon. By Ernie Block

For five hours on a misty Saturday (March 25), 28 hard-working, fun-loving TrailBlazers cut and hauled eighteen big trailer-loads of the ubiquitous , invasive, Asian Bush Honeysuckle.
Trail #5 circles the East (Stables) Silt Pond. It has become overgrown with that culprit. Native undergrowth plants have been crowded out, depriving  the birdlife that needs them. Large groves of the honeysuckle  obstructing scenic viewpoints were removed. Much remains to be done; but a giant step has been taken in the enhancement of our environment.
Commendations to our work crew: John and Larie Nelson, Mike Michaelis, Ernie Block, Phil and Barb McAnany and sons, Bruce Braun, Leona and Mark Young, Leanna and Dave Walters, Mike and Kendall Cooper, Leo and Dana DeSpain, Carolyn Boyd, Joe and Lisa Walsh, Jim Wright, Mary Beth Blake, David McCullagh and son, Jack, Leon Rieke, James Jorns, Tray Vedock.

Bush Honeysuckle can reach monstrous proportions. By Ernie Block
Bush Honeysuckle can reach monstrous proportions. By Ernie Block
0417 stacking color sized
Stacking the downed branches on the trailer as it moved down the trail resembled the parting of the Red Sea. By Ernie Block


Gleaners cleaning up after the initial “harvest.” By Ernie Block
Gleaners cleaning up after the initial “harvest.” By Ernie Block
By early afternoon, eighteen trailers of bush honeysuckle,  chopped low to the ground, had been transported to a  holding area to be burned. By Ernie Block
By early afternoon, eighteen trailers of bush honeysuckle,
chopped low to the ground, had been transported to a
holding area to be burned. By Ernie Block









The trail improvements--included this unobstructed view of the settling pond--are brought to you courtesy of the Trailblazers, sponsored by the Natural Resources Committee, headed up by Mike Cooper. Photo by Ernie Block
The trail improvements–included this unobstructed view of the settling pond–are brought to you courtesy of the Trailblazers, sponsored by the Natural Resources Committee, headed up by Mike Cooper. Photo by Ernie Block










For Gayle Best, publication of the 2017 LQ Directory will cap off a whirlwind year

Gayle Best, publisher of the 2017 LQ Directory
Gayle Best, publisher of the 2017 LQ Directory

By Dawn Gabel
When Gayle Best answered the phone call a year ago from Jim and Joan Davies concerning the Lake Quivira directory they published for many years, she did not foresee the path that has brought her to near completion of her first directory.
The directory is a phone book and cross-reference guide for neighbors and off-lake members of the club. It’s a business referral with advertising for many regularly used trades people. It’s a social organizer for many, listing children of the home and their school year. It’s a map to get you to all of the small roads that connect the community. Its publication has been in only three hands, and Gayle is working her way to the first printing in her care.
Gayle was chosen by the Davies due to her connectivity and extensive involvement at the lake. The Davies were chosen by Muffy because of Joan Davies life-long ties to LQ (she grew up here), her knowledge of the people and their trust in her. And the Davies felt the same about Gayle.
Traditionally, the directory is delivered to each residence around the end of the year. But Gayle has been knee deep in planting tulip bulbs, cleaning up after a hurricane and helping throw a holiday bazaar.
“I was already very involved in the pontoon crawl that takes place in September,” Gayle recalled. “So when Joan and Jim would have been starting on their directory activities, I was immersed in pontoon crawl. My goal was to get started and reach out to the advertisers, which I did back in August and sent them info about their ads.”
Gayle and her husband Kent went on vacation to their Hilton Head home the last week of September. The day they returned to Lake Quivira, they heard about Hurricane Matthew, which was predicted to hit land on Hilton Head–and a mandatory evacuation the next day, October 5. “My husband and I dropped everything and focused on that,” said Gayle. “We watched it all night long on television and started making plans for traveling south.” Hilton Head opened up to residents three or four days later.

The Bests' house at Hilton Head, after Hurrican Matthew and a tornado hit.
The Bests’ house at Hilton Head, after Hurricane Matthew and a tornado hit.

While en route, they received pictures of their house and discovered the area had been hit with a tornado in the middle of the hurricane. Two huge trees had landed on their house, and several were down around the house–probably fifteen trees involved.
National guard and FEMA were on location, assigning each house a color code. “They put yellow on ours; the ones that had red you couldn’t stay in,” said Gayle. “We were not allowed in certain areas of our house where the trees were coming through–like our master closet.”
“Having a hurricane was not in my mix,” said Gayle. It took several days of waiting for the five cranes which would eventually remove the trees. “While they worked to lift the trees, I sat in my home office, which is in our master bedroom, and worked on the directory and the holiday bazaar,” she recalled. The Bests remained at their “vacation home” ten to twelve days.
The day the Bests left to go to Hilton Head, foundation repair of the Lake Quivira Clubhouse started. All the planting in front of the Clubhouse had to be removed in that process. Here’s the problem: five outdoor weddings were scheduled through October.
“LQ had made a commitment to those who had signed up for outdoor weddings,” said Gayle. Lori Keller, Jeff Eldridge and Gayle had been coordinating the purchase and planting of yellow mums and crotons that would patch in some color to the landscaping. It was all happening at the same time–directory, bazaar and hurricane.
“In a way, the story of that week is the story of our need at the lake,” said Gayle. “There is a great need for more volunteers to take leadership roles. We say it and speak of it in our groups, but we need to take action and ask for help. I was needing help. Although we have many volunteers here, we need more–and we need leaders.”
The 1972 all-resident directory for Lake Quivira is small and unassuming in comparison to today’s version–a tan, comb-bound book about five by four inches. The pages are a soft blue paper, and only lake residents are listed–no off-lake members and no map. Other noticeable differences are land line phone number and address only; no cell phone numbers or email addresses. No children’s phone number were listed; those would be added later in the next decade. Children’s numbers in later additions noted a separate landline dedicated to their use.
Gayle has taken the Davies’ charge to make sure the lake has an accurate and useful book, just as the Davies did when Muffy handed it over to them. “The directory is a great asset to the community–and it is a little late. But I look at it as a process of making it more useful for how we live now.”
Gayle was no stranger to maintaining a database of contact information. “It made it easier for me to follow up to confirm phone numbers since I have email addresses I have put together from the home tour, pontoon crawl, the holiday bazaar and the other committees I have been involved with.”

Jim and Joan Davies, who took over publication of the directory in 2008, had many of the past directories stored at their home until their recent move from the lake. They received the copies from the original editor and publisher of the booklet, Muffy Olson (Mayor Olson’s mother), a real estate agent on the lake. Muffy knew other neighborhoods were putting together directories at that time, and it was a natural fit for her to put this one together. It was released in 1972 by her and her agents.
Jim and Joan Davies, who took over publication of the directory in 2008, had many of the past directories stored at their home until their recent move from the lake. They received the copies from the original editor and publisher of the booklet, Muffy Olson (Mayor Olson’s mother), a real estate agent on the lake. Muffy knew other neighborhoods were putting together directories at that time, and it was a natural fit for her to put this one together. It was released in 1972 by her and her agents.

That’s not saying it was easy. When Gayle started gathering her contacts for committees in 2011, she would list a contact, phone number and email address, and before long one or the other of even both had changed. It was tedious work and highly inaccurate as well.
“So many people just had their land lines at the lake in the older directories, and they wouldn’t answer when the landline was called. And most residents didn’t have their email address listed either.
“I lived in the online Lake Quivira roster since the directory did not have that information at that time. When I first started chairing events in 2011, I had to communicate with people. All I had was the garden club list of phone and home address with the name.”A database came together when Gayle became the committee chair of the pontoon crawl. “I needed to reach out to the whole lake so that we could have 600 plus people at the event.”
Gayle soon realized that the information was collected in a centralized area, but it was not accessible. “I went to the office and they couldn’t release that information to anyone. Not email address or cell phones. But I found out that there is an online roster via lakequivira.org. Members have access via a password. I went person by person and called up each individual person from the online roster and confirmed their email address and cell contact and then created a spreadsheet.”
The problem was, as soon as she created it, it was out of date. “The next time I would do an event I would ask the office for the names of the people who had left or the new ones that had come in, and I would build them into what I had and start reconfirming for new emails and cell numbers.”
For Joan and Jim, when it was time to do the directory, they would get the printout to send to each member to ask for updates and permission to print in the mail. Joan and Jim would get it out as of Oct first and it would have last name, address, spouse, children, home phone and dock number. Each individual had to take the time to fill out the paperwork and mail it back. Hardly anyone sent updates back to them, so their info was only as good as what people revealed to them.
Gayle has taken confirmation personally. After trying an eblast news story three weeks in a row with only fifty responses, she emailed everyone using the event database she had built.
“Several weeks ago I sat down and I got out the spreadsheet and started going through, checking them off. As I look at them I’m thinking I know so and so, and this is their old landline and they don’t have a landline anymore. I know they are very involved and that they need to be contacted by people. So I have written an email to almost every single person. I am up through the Js.”
In March 2015 Gayle retired following forty years at Black and Veatch, most recently as the director of business and financial systems globally. But Gayle’s year has not felt like a retirement. She has taken on large projects like the directory in a fearless manner. Like her chairmanship of the homes tour in 2014, she is surprised she had the fortitude to take the directory on. But when she puts her mind to it a new project, she likes to put her own spin on it.
Her plans for the future of the directory include a rethinking of the advertising area and quarterly updates to the book. Updates will have a special folder area so they can be slipped into the booklet.
“I want this to be a very useful thing for members. I am looking at ways to have the information, along with the advertisers, referenced from the internet.
“The year has been crazy, but I am focusing on getting this last project finished–finished and improved for us all. Then I will relax.”

First-ever Pastries and Ponies deemed ‘tremendous success’

Ron Bower
By Ron Bower

By Dianne Fowler

Hey (or in horse talk, hay) Quivirans! The Saddle Club held its first ever Pastries & Ponies open house, and it was a tremendous success.
Despite the heat, over one hundred people attended the event, and Saddle Club members and volunteers helped lead more than 55 excited kids on pony rides. Whoa, were those horses tired!
The fresh donuts, juice and coffee were delicious, and many children had fun coloring, wearing stickers, learning the horses names and asking questions about owning a horse. Some folks even toured the barn area to see where the horses live.
The Saddle Club hopes to plan more community events like this, so giddy up and let us know your suggestions. In the meantime: Home is where the horse is, so you’ll find us at the barn!

Saddle Club Pastries and Ponies 2016
By Leslie Treas
Saddle Club Pastries and Ponies 2016
By Leslie Treas
Saddle Club Pastries and Ponies 2016
By Leslie Treas
0816 ponies white horse by dan witt
By Dan Witt

Presenting Lake Quivira’s high school graduates!

arnold, jordanJordan Arnold, daughter of Diane and Craig Arnold, graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest, where she was involved in every aspect of writing and production of the SMNW yearbook; caption writing, copy writing, feature writing, theme development, and holding positions of staff writer, finance manager, copy editor and finally, editor in chief of the yearbook her senior year. Each year she entered, and often placed. in state and national yearbook writing contests and lettered in journalism all four years
Honors included lettering in academics all four years, achievements in writing her junior and senior years, and member of the honor roll.
Additional school activities were varsity swimming her freshman and sophomore years and membership in Cougar Community Commitment her senior year.
After years of swimming with the Lake Quivira Catfish Swim Team, Jordan worked at the Roeland Park Aquatic Center as a lifeguard and swim instructor. She volunteered her time at Unleashed Pet Rescue and Harvesters.
She will attend The University of Kansas, majoring in strategic communications.

Sherri Mayer Photography & Design | HANNAH BELFIELDA graduate of Bishop Miege High School, Hannah Belfield distinguished herself in both sports and academics.
She received varsity letters in soccer all four years, was chosen All State soccer sophomore through senior years, 2nd tem EKL her junior year and 1st Team EKL her senior year. Hannah says she learned to play soccer as a 5 year old on a Lake Quivira coed team!
In addition, she was a member of Freshman Cheer and freshman basketball, the pep-assembly planning committee, junior and senior years, and CMT member, junior and senior years.
Hannah performed hours of community service at the Don Bosco Center, St. Mary’s Food Kitchen, Topsoccer, and with Sister Servants of Mary, KCK.
During her high school years, Hannah worked at Culvers and Quiktrip, as well as nannying. She also volunteered for summer rec two years ago and enjoyed having the opportunity to hang out with the younger kids. She has fond memories of her own years on the LQ swim team.
Hannah was on First-Honor roll all four years of high school and has received an academic scholarship to Kansas State, where she will be roommates with Quiviran Maddie Jarman and will attend fall sorority rush. She is undecided on a major but is leaning towards the medical field.
Hannah is the daughter of Kim and the late Dr. James Belfield.

bodamer, elodiElodi Bodamer, daughter of Lori Schultz and Brad Bodamer, graduated from Pembroke Hill High School, where she was editor of the Pembroke Hill yearbook, participated in Missouri Youth in Government, received the Pembroke Hill High Honors Academic Award all four years. and was a member of Pembroke Hill Investment, Spanish Club and Pep Club,
Her sports were soccer (lettered four years, 2015 Missouri Soccer District Champions, 2016 Missouri Soccer District Champions, team captain senior year) and field hockey (lettered four years, team captain senior year).
Elodi volunteered at Thomas Roque YMCA Head Start, Harvesters and Wayside Waifs and loved to tube and ride horses in her leisure time at LQ.
She is headed to Texas Christian University this fall, where she has secured a position as Field Hockey coach for Trinity Valley Middle School.

Born, KatieKathryn “Katie” Born, daughter of P.J. and Amy Born, graduated from SMNW, where she had the distinction of being an International Baccalaureate Certificate Candidate. Additional academic honors included Sophomore Top 100 , Academic letter (2014-2016), Presidential Scholar (2016), and 4.0 Honor Roll.
Katie played Northwest softball all four years and was co-captain in 2015-2016. She was selected 2015 2nd Team All Sunflower League (Pitcher), 2015 National Fastpitch Coaches Association All-American Scholar Athlete, and 2016 SMNW Defensive Player of the year.
Katie also left her mark on a number of other clubs and activities at SMNW, including National Honors Society (2014- 2016), Link Crew (2015- 2016), President of Educators Rising (2015- 2016), Founder and Leader of REbeL Club (2015-2016), and Volleyball Manager (2012-2013).
Katie has fond memories of summers on the lake; tubing, boating, swimming, paddle boarding, being with friends and family. and helping in Summer Rec.
Katie spent spring break in 2014 and 2016 in Guatemala, building a school and stoves. In addition, she spent a week every summer, for the past four summers, on service trips with her church to Sheridan, WY, Avon, CO, Santa Fe, NM, and Memphis, TN. This summer’s trip will be to Durango, CO
Then in the fall, it’s on to Emporia State University to major in elementary education.

Bowker, ClaireSpirit best describes Claire Bowker, daughter of Margaret and Jeff Bowker. After years of cheerleading for Shawnee Mission Northwest and then moving on to competitive travel squads with KCDC and KC Cheer, Claire played lacrosse for the Olathe Ravens and the Blue Lions Lacrosse competition team, where she traveled throughout the country. Fittingly, as Captain of the Lacrosse Team, Claire received the team’s Spirit Award and signed an Athletic and Academic Scholarship with Lindenwood University in Bellville, IL, with plans to play lacrosse in college.
Throughout high school, Claire was on the honor roll while working and playing on travel teams. She was involved in the SMNW Spirit Club, Marketing Club, Key Club, BPA Business Professionals of America, and served as the manager of the wrestling team her freshman and sophomore years.
Many residents know Claire from her days in summer rec, as she was very involved in the Imagination Station program, which she later taught for four years. Her National Art Honor Society Awards are a testament to her creativity. Her creative background, love for writing and interest in competitive sports will serve her well as she pursues a career in broadcast journalism at Lindenwood University – Bellville.

boyd ianIan Boyd graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest in the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. In addition, he was a member of National Honor Society and a Presidential Scholar.
All four years at SMNW, Ian was in marching band and drumline, and he ran cross country in 2012-2013.
In addition to his academics, he volunteered at Operation Breakthrough, Breakfast at St. Paul’s in KCK and Stop Hunger Now.
His favorite times at Lake Quivira have included “days on the lake fishing and cruising” and “morning runs around the lake.”
In the fall, Ian will attend K-State, where he will major in biology and minor in leadership studies. He will be rooming at the Honors House.

frookVanessa Frook, daughter of Martha and Tony Frook, has graduated from Saint Thomas Aquinas High School. Activities at STA included cheerleading for four years (two on varsity); four years on the Honor Roll and membership in Spirit Club.
In addition to her school activities, Vanessa worked as a nanny and taught in the LQ Summer Rec program.
Her 150 hours of community service included a mission trip to San Juan, TX, and working at the Angels of Grace Family Service Center, St. Mary’s Food Kitchen, Advice & Aid Pregnancy Center, Special Olympics and Ronald McDonald House.
This fall Vanessa will attend the University of Kansas.

hanson, josephA new alumnus of St. James Academy is Joseph Peter Hanson, son of Joanne and Scott Hanson, and grandson of Cee Cee and Dick Sandifer.
Joseph earned First Honors all four years and was a member of National Honors Society, National Latin Honors Society and National Science Honors Society. In addition, he participated in Varsity Soccer, Varsity Track, Intramural soccer and Intramural slow pitch softball.
You may have seen Joseph as he worked for the LQ Golf course Maintenance Department, as a courtesy clerk at Hy-Vee, or as he was involved in his favorite LQ activities of swimming with friends, water skiing, tubing and fishing. What you may not have known is Joseph’s interest in car modifying and rebuilding.
Joseph volunteered at Padre Pio Academy, Harvesters, National Relief Network, St. James Academy and the Savior Pastoral Center. He went on a mission trip to assist hurricane victims in Alabama
He has been accepted into the mechanical engineering program at KU, where he received the Chancellor’s Scholarship, as well as the Summerfield Chancellor’s Scholarship.

jarman, maddisonMaddison Jarman, daughter of Mendy and Dennis Jarman, is a recent graduate of Shawnee Mission Northwest, where she was totally involved in all aspects of school.
She was a member of the Student Council, Cougars Community Commitment, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes, Link Crew, Younglife, Journalism and DECA business and marketing program. She was Vice President of the senior class, and a member of the Homecoming Court, and of the JLWJC Cotillion.
Academic awards include a social science award and a spot on the honor roll
For four years she was on the Varsity Girls Swim Team (captain for three years), golf team (team captain senior year).
She has enjoyed volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House and Family Room, Harvesters, Ray Marsh Carnival, Hope Lutheran Church and the LQ Triathlon
Many families know Mendy from her years of babysitting.
Like her mom, she loves running triathlons. A favorite memory at Lake Quivira is after the 4th of July parade, when everyone goes to the beach to swim and play.
This fall she will attend Kansas State University and study business.

kurland, nickNick Kurland, son of Julie and Bob Kurland, graduated from St. James Academy with a 3.7 GPA and an ACT score of 28.
During high school he played trumpet in the band, ran cross country and track and field, lettered in swimming all four years and qualified for state his junior and senior years.
In 2014 Nick achieved the rank of Eagle Scout and attended Bahamas High Adventure in 2013.
From 2013 to 2015, Nick worked for the City of Shawnee at the swimming pool, first in concessions, and for the last two years as a lifeguard.
He performed 120 hours of community service at Good Shepherd Catholic School and Service Club, Johnson County Parks and Recreation, the City of Lenexa (Youth Mentor/Running Program); and went on a mission trip for Habitat for Humanity in December 2015.
Among his favorite memories of the last several years are boating and floating with friends and watching the Royals win the World Series
Nick has been accepted in the KU School of Engineering – Computer Science.

0616 grad maddie mansonMadelyn Manson, daughter of Sherlyn and Bill Manson, has graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, where she was a member of varsity cheerleading her junior year, and earned honors in 2014, 2015 and 2016.
Employment during her high school years included babysitting and working at LifeTime Fitness and Celsius Tannery.
One of her most vivid LQ memories is getting a bad sunburn when she was with Claire Bowker at the Lake for the first time.
Volunteer activities included Alex’s Lemonade Stand, helping with visually impaired children, and working at Harvesters.
She will attend college at KU, where she wishes to major in psychology.

McAnany MaxMax McAnany, son of Barb and Phil McAnany, graduated from Rockhurst High School, where he ran Cross Country and Track and Field, and was a member of Chamber Choir, Varsity Singers, and Chess Club.
He completed over 100 hours of Community service working at Turn Styles and St. Joseph Catholic Church and assisting in numerous projects for Boy Scouts. As member of Boy Scouts himself for seven years, Max achieved the rank of Eagle Scout.
His favorite activity at Lake Quivira was sitting on the family dock each summer, watching the fireworks on the 4th of July. A best memory was “sledding on the snow-covered hills of the golf course under the light of a full moon.” After that beautiful description, does it surprise you that one of Max’s favorite pastimes is reading.
Max received an academic scholarship and will be attending K-State in the fall, where he will major in mechanical engineering. He also received a scholarship for the choral department and plans to be part of the K-State choir.

pereira, TessTess Pereira, daughter of Bridget and Mark Pereira, graduated in May from Notre Dame de Sion High School. While at Sion, she played soccer her freshman and sophomore years, and tennis her junior and senior years, while staying on the honor roll every year.
She was active in Scream Team (SpiritClub), Spanish Club and Knitting Club and volunteered at Villa St. Francis Nursing Home.
Favorite memories of Lake Quivira and teaching tennis for summer rec, and of course, the 4th of July.
Tess will attend the University of Kansas, where she will major in communications.

pribyl, thomasThomas Pribyl, son of Jamie and Patrick Pribyl, graduated from Rockhurst High School with a 4.1 cumulative GPA. He was a National Honor Society member, received an R Award for commitment to the RHS community, served on the Student Government Council and worked on the school’s literary magazine
A percussionist, Thomas’ achievements in music at RHS and in the community are legion, having participated in Jazz Band all four years; played in numerous Jazz combos with fellow students, as well as Pep band/Mass band/ Orchestra pit for musicals (all four years); played drums in multiple bands outside of school throughout high school; gigged frequently around the KC area and worked as a studio musician on several records; co-directed RHS annual Battle of the Bands events. He was chosen to be drummer for KC Metro Jazz Band and won the Louis Armstrong Jazz Improvisation Award.
Thomas volunteered every summer during high school at the Upper Room reading program for inner city kids and also volunteered for two and a half weeks at St. Marks Inner City Services staff Sports and Honors (n/a)
His favorite memories at Lake Quivira are being involved with the swim team and participating in the tennis program.
This fall Thomas will head to Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles. He plans to major in finance and minor in percussion.

st clair, dylanDylan St Clair is a May graduate of Shawnee Mission Northwest High School. While at SMNW, he was a member of the baseball team, swim team, and varsity track team and also earned a spot on the A/B Honor Roll.
He volunteered at Operation Breakthrough, Pet Shelter Unleashed and Tim Tebow’s Night to Shine.
Employment during high school was with the Johnson County Parks and Recreation After School Care program.
During his off hours, Dylan could be found “hanging out and driving golf carts to friends’ houses and favorite spots around Lake Quivira.”
This fall, Dylan will begin college at The University of Kansas, where he’ll major in business/marketing.
Dylan in the son of Kathy and Mark St Clair.

Terry, KatyKathryne Cherie Terry (Katy), daughter of Lianne and Stewart Terry, was a commencement speaker during her recent graduation from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, where she held a number of leadership positions during her four years there.
Katy was a member of the Student Council Executive Board, the Spirit Club Executive Board, the Gift of Life Student Advisory Board, the Fellowship of Christian Athletes Leadership Team, and she chaired the Fall/Spring Carnival and was Life Week Chair. She was a member of the National Honor Society, and on the SMNW Honor Roll. In 2015 she attended the National Association of Student Councils Leadership Conference,
She was Freshman Class President, Freshman Cheerleader Captain and Freshman Volleyball Captain.
In Journalism, Katy was Rookie of the Year, Writer of the Year and won a 1st Place Academic Story. She was a Quill and Scroll National Yearbook Excellence Contest Winner.
She was a varsity cheerleader and received a varsity letter in Swim Team.
Katy volunteered her time and expertise to various organizations and causes, including the Gift of Life; Ronald McDonald House; Habitat For Humanity; HopeFaith Ministries; Variety Children’s Charity of Greater Kansas City; Kanakuk Kamp; Spring and Fall Carnivals for Head Start Children, and served on the Special Education Prom Committee
Her work experience started right here at LQ, as a Summer Rec teacher, Aquatics Director and Swim Team Coach. Presently she works at Kendra Scott Jewelry as a part time sales associate.
She plans to attend Oklahoma State University, where she will study strategic communication and marketing.

tholen, jamieJamie Tholen, daughter on Chris and Tom Tholen, graduated in May from St; Teresa’s Academy. While there, she racked up awards in volleyball, both locally and nationally.
At St. Theresa’s, she played volleyball all four years and lettered three of those years. She was chosen Missouri State 5A Runner-Up senior year. She was a member of the 2015 United States Volleyball Youth Continental National Team, the 2014 United States Volleyball A2 Team (Team Captain), the 2014 Under Armor National Volleyball Phenom; and the 2013 Under Armor National Volleyball Phenom.
Jamile has competed nationally in club volleyball since she was eight years old, most of that time with the MAVs.
Academically, she was on the Honor Roll 2013, 2014 and 2015.
For the past two years, Jamie has volunteered at Due West Therapeutic Riding Center.
Her favorite LQ activities/memories involve boating, swimming, golf carting, summer rec, hanging out with LQ friends, the Fourth of July and going to the horse stables with her mom.
Jamie will attend the University of Kansas to be a Jayhawk. She will be majoring in business and is interested in the Pre-Law track.

treas, jackJack Treas, son of Leslie and Randy Treas, has graduated from Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, where he was a member of SMNW Football, Varsity Rugby Club and Swim and Dive.
He participated in the Business Professional of America National Student Leadership Conference in Chicago and Young Republicans.
Jack was employed by Sporting KC in Food Service, Suites and was a member of the Lake Quivira Volunteer Fire Department
His hobbies include dirt biking, Sports Club of America and Autocross. Fond LQ memories are of beach time and summer fun with friends, playing on the grey dock.
This fall, he’s KU bound, where he’s pledged Phi Kappa Psi fraternity and will be enrolled in the School of Business.


A May graduate of Pembroke Hill, Grace Vedock is the daughter of Lisa and Tray Vedock.
While at Pem-broke, Grace was a National Merit Scholar Semifinalist, a recipient of the Smith Book Award and Virginia Wolff Poetry Award, and a Cum Laude inductee.
During the 2015-2016 school year, she served as president of both the Political Club and French Club.
Jobs held during high school were as a docent at the Nelson-Atkins, working as hostess at Rye Restaurant and working the retail counter at Ibis Bakery.
Grace’s more unusual hobbies are reading David Foster Wallace literature, collecting rocks and publishing poetry.
She will attend Middlebury College in Vermont, where she will study political science, philosophy and English literature.

welch, samA recent graduate of the Maranatha Christian Academy (MCA), Sam Welch is the son of Stacy and Blake Welch.
Sam developed his leadership skills at MCA, serving as Student Council Rep (9); Student Council Secretary (11); Student Council Rep (12) and Discipleship Group Leader (11,12).
In sports, Sam played Varsity Football (10,11,12), Varsity Baseball (all four years). He was named All Conference Honorable Mention Designated Hitter and All Conference Honorable Mention Utility Player.
He was on the Honor Roll all four years and was inducted into the National Honor Society his senior year.
At Lake Quivira, Sam ran a lawn mowing business and worked as a teacher in summer rec, starting in 2013. He also has worked as an Associate at the J Crew Factory.
Favorite LQ activities/memories are taking summer rec classes–and then teaching them; the 4th of July; and making good friends.
Volunteer activities have included an Atlanta Mission Trip during Spring Break 2015; Impact KC and the Lenexa Baptist Church.
Sam will be attending Baylor University in Waco, TX..He intends to study business and will be working for the Baylor football team as a student manager.

Wiercinski, HunterHunter Wiercinski, son of Michelle Micsko and Steve Wiercinski, is a spring graduate of Shawnee Mission Northwest High School, where he was on the A/B Honor Roll, lettered three years in swimming and was a member of Business Professionals of America.
Outside of school, Hunter held down a job at Mr. Goodcents Deli Fresh Subs from 2014 to 2016. He enjoys numismatics (otherwise known as coin collecting).
Volunteer activities included working as an aide at Ray Marsh Elementary School and Shawanoe Elementary School, and helping out at Harvesters and the City Union Mission.
He will attend Kansas State University this fall and plans to major in business.

View More: http://eranandaubs.pass.us/woodfamily2015Miles Wood, son of Julie and Justin Wood, graduated from Rockhurst High School. where he distinguished himself in leadership positions, including: Student Government (Senior Class Vice President, Engineering Club President, 2014-2015, Investment Club President, 2013-2016; Flash Seminars Founder and President, 2015-2016, Kairos Retreat Leader (Rector 2016), and Fresam Retreat Group L:eader. 2016.
Among his academic honors were the George Eastman Young Leaders Award from Rochester University, the Rockhurst High “R” Award, the President’s Volunteer Service Award-Gold, National Honors Society, and Academic Excellence in Statistics.
Jobs held during high school included Interning at Dimensional Innovations, Interning in Telecom & Network Engineering at Burns & McDonnell and working at Twisted Fresh.
In addition, Miles volunteered at Serving Up a Cure KC (for Cystic Fibrosis), Mission March, and Sacred Heart Church of Jesus.
Miles lists as his hobbies, beekeeping, marbles, collecting stamps, anatomy, hot yoga, transcendental meditation, puns, ice sculpting, 19th Century Impressionism, roller derbies, slip n’ slides, horse breeding, youth dodgeball, interpretive dance, dirigible acquisition, seeking the grail and rec soccer. Favorite memories at LQ are 4th of July, hammocking, the LQ Triathlon, Summer Rec classes and summer in general.
Miles will attend the University of Notre Dame, where he will major in finance, management consulting or mechanical engineering.

Ziegenhorn, ZacharyZachary Ziegenhorn, son of Kamille Merz and Eric Ziegenhorn, graduated from high school with an International Baccalaureate Diploma from Shawnee Mission Northwest, where he participated four years in both swim team and cross country.
Academic honors included the following: National Merit Commended Scholar; AP Scholar, Kansas Honor Scholar, 4.0 Honor Roll, Sophomore Top 100; Kansas State Scholar; Academic Letter with Distinction; Social Studies Award, Achievement in Writing; and Presidential Scholar.
He was a member of the Interact Club, Young Democrats, French Club, Latin Club, REbel; Youth and Government; and National Honor Society, holding leadership positions in many of the clubs.
Zachary’s community service hours were spent at Spofford Home, Hope Builders, Shawnee Community Services, Johnson County Christmas Bureau, Shawnee Indian Mission, Crossroads Hospice, Woodland Public Charity, and on a service trip to Guatemala.
Favorite activities at LQ were the 4th of July fireworks and Easter brunch at the Clubhouse.
Next year, Zachary will be living in Copenhagen, Denmark, through the Rotary Youth Exchange Program, and then attending the University of Alabama in the fall of 2017.



2016 Mothers’ Club Calendar

Dates and times are subject to change – please check your email or the Mothers’ Club Facebook page for the latest information. Additional details will be provided closer to the event dates.

Saturday, June 4 – Summer Kick-off Floatilla and Beach Bonfire Social Event – This event will include spouses as well. More details will be sent closer to the event.
Tuesday, June 28 – Monthly Meeting – 7pm social, 7:30 meeting – Hosted at Jennifer Wood’s home – 595 Lakeshore Drive East.
Sunday, July 3 – 3rd of July Party/Fundraiser – More details to come on this new fundraiser!
Monday, July 4 – 4th of July – Fun Run, Parade and Beach Games.
Tuesday, July 26 – Monthly Meeting – 7pm social, 7:30 meeting – Clubhouse
Saturday, August 6 – End of Summer Floatilla Social Event – Details to follow. This will take the place of our August meeting.
Friday, September 16 – Girls Night Out at the Royals Social Event – Details to follow.
Tuesday, September 27 – Monthly Meeting – 7pm social, 7:30 meeting – Clubhouse
Tuesday, October 25 – Monthly Meeting – 7pm social, 7:30 meeting – Clubhouse
Monday, October 31 – Kids’ Halloween Party at the Sailing Dock
November Social Event – Hamburger Mary’s or Wine Tour – Date TBD
Tuesday, November 29 – Monthly Meeting – 7pm social, 7:30 meeting
Tuesday, December 6 – Mothers’ Club Christmas Party – This will take the place of our December meeting.
Sunday, December 11 – Kids’ Christmas Party – Clubhouse, event details to follow.