LQ ‘Street Walkers’ Have Reputation For Persistence

By Jim and Joan Davies

Call them stalwart, inspiring, committed, healthy or just plain nuts, the fact remains that a group of very dedicated walkers traverse our roads and hills every day in all kinds of weather conditions. How do they stay so committed to daily walks? Have they always been fitness gurus? Do weather conditions ever keep them inside with the rest of us “fair weather” types? These are just a few of the many questions we asked some of Quivira’s most consistent walkers. Continue reading LQ ‘Street Walkers’ Have Reputation For Persistence

Prevent Zebra Mussels at Lake Quivira

To help prevent a Zebra Mussel infestation at Lake Quivira: Please refrain from bringing live bait buckets into LQ. Please make sure your guests refrain from doing so as well. As always, make sure to accompany your guests when they fish.