From the Chef’s table . . .

Mid-west winters, you have to love them!
We have some very exciting news to share with the Lake Quivira membership. Gabi Edrosa, 3rd year apprentice and a Lake Quivira culinarian, recently won the Central Region Junior Chef of the Year at the American Culinary Federation conference in Joliet, Illinois, earlier this February. She was selected from a large group of young, nominated individuals like herself. After the committee selected Gabi as one of four finalists, we went straight to work to prepare her for the finals. Her task was simple, so to speak: showcase a dish highlighting fresh, whole trout with contemporary garnishes. She had 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete this task, and everything was judged. Proper cooking technique, sanitation, and overall execution and organization were taken into account. She practiced several times a week, honing her skills and mastering her dish.
It all came down to the competition on February 5. She easily produced what she practiced, and with a few minor flaws she finished on time. We followed the event on social media, knowing she had it from the start, but had to wait until Tuesday evening for the results. Around 8:20 pm we received a notification…
“Our 2017 Central Junior Chef of the Year goes to. . . Gabi Edrosa from Lake Quivira, Kansas!” It was a very proud mentoring moment for Chef Michael.
Once we receive the guidelines, we will start preparing for Gabi to take the national stage in Orlando in late July. In the meantime, Gabi is completing her final year at Johnson County Community College, with Honors, along with a certified designation CSC, Certified Sous Chef.
We congratulate Gabi on her accomplishment, and encourage all of you to come by the clubhouse for dinner to taste her creation. We will be featuring her award winning Trout preparation as one of the Chef’s Features throughout the month of March. We hope to see all of you for dinner and/or lunch this month.
Cheers and Bon Appetit!
~Chef Michael Lamping and Mark Allen

Just a few friendly reminders from Mayor Olson. . .

By Mike Olson, Mayor, City of Lake Quivira

The absence of a February Council meeting equates to a brief Mayor Report. I will use this break to remind you of a few things that I feel are important:
Drive Slowly. We are doing a good job, but with countless kids and dogs running around, you can’t be too safe!
Respect the recycle bins. The City provides receptacles for brush, glass, and specific recyclable products (cardboard, plastic, paper, etc.) The receptacles are clearly marked. Please do not use the brush dumpsters for your household or construction waste.
Register you dogs. I will say this a thousand times between now and the first of May, yet a few of you will insist on complaining in June when you get fined. Do us both a favor and register them now. Please call City Hall at 631-5300 if you have any questions.
I anticipate many big developments for the City in 2017.
You are always welcome to contact me with any thoughts or concerns regarding the City. I look forward to seeing you on the water soon!

Golf Pro and Golf Course Superintendent explain ballot items to authorize funding of course maintenance – Letter to the Editor

The Lake Quivira golf course is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful properties in the Kansas City metropolitan area. The combination of topography, spectacular views, stately trees and high standards of maintenance combine to offer Lake Quivira members and guests a truly exceptional golfing experience.
In order to continue to meet the expectations of Lake Quivira golfers, annual routine repairs and maintenance projects are necessary. This practice has been both supported and funded with the approval of Lake Quivira members for the past 25 plus years. With an aging infrastructure such as ours, addressing and funding our needs is becoming more of a challenge. But we must continue the upkeep of our golf course, one of our most important assets of Lake Quivira.
With the authorization of our membership, the expenditure from the Long Term Capital Asset Reserve will fund the following golf course projects in 2017:
Turf Conversion Areas. We are in the 4th year of our turf conversion project in the rough. We have been converting warm season (i.e. Bermuda grass) to a Bluegrass/Fescue mix for better playability and aesthetics. Areas on holes 3, 5, 9 and 11 are next on the list.
Cart Paths. Like our Lake Quivira roads, our cart paths are showing their age and are in need of replacement. This money will be used to repair/replace the cart path on #14.
Walls. Several stone walls have failed, are a safety hazard and are in need of replacement. At the top of our list this year are the walls around #13 pond and the retaining wall behind #5 green.
Bunkers. We are in the final phase of our bunker repair project. A bunker has an expected shelf life of six to ten years, and the golf course staff has been repairing a few bunkers each of the past five years. The repair work includes restoring bunkers to original grade, replacing the drainage system, installing new bunker liner and filling with high quality sand. The result is a more playable, lower maintenance bunker. This money will help go towards completing the remaining bunkers on holes 11 and 18.
Irrigation. Replacement of our old, worn out irrigation system in 2007 enabled us to be more efficient and effective in covering our turf. But while the new system is a vast improvement, it falls short in areas surrounding most of our greens. As we convert turf in needed areas, we must first provide irrigation necessary for establishment of healthy turf. The main areas of concern are around the green banks, areas where our golfers expect great turf conditions.
We understand the water feature left of 15 green is a concern. The golf committee is working hard to come up with a sustainable solution to this problem. We have contracted with CE Golf Design, who did the design work for #2, to provide conceptual drawings for the project. Looking forward, we will be providing more information as the plan is fully developed.
We hope you will continue to support our efforts to provide a golf course maintained at the highest of standards. A golf course that offers a fun, yet challenging experience for players of all skill levels. A golf course set in a beautiful natural environment that provides our golfers an experience unlike any other. A golf course we can all be proud of.
Thank you!
~Jeff Eldridge, CGCS Golf Course Superintendent
~Tom Aikmus, PGA Professional

Restriction Committee considers truck assessment to offset repaving costs – Letter to the Editor

In the last five years, membership has voted in favor of spending between $65,000 and $200,000 annually to repair and repave a portion of our roads. Through dues, foundation members fund these projects. In 2016, we spent $118,000 to repave Hillcrest East (east of Pawnee).
A dedicated group of five individuals within Restrictions Committee have taken-on responsibility of creating a “Roads Impact Fee” schedule to create revenue from heavy trucks sharing our private roads. Their goal is to partially-offset annual cost of repairing and repaving roads.
Restrictions Committee’s currently proposed fee schedule would charge an individual foundation member $40 per each three-axle truck using our roads to transport their materials in or out of Lake Quivira for their project. See an example, below. Fees could double for larger complete tear-down and new-build projects. Fees would be much smaller for landscaping and dock site projects:

Proposed truck assessment fees for hypothetical large home expansion project
Type of Truck (Qty trucks) @ $40 each Combined Fees

Excavating machinery (8) $320
Dump trucks demolition (8) 320
Large dumpsters (8) 320
Dump trucks excavated earth (100) 4,000
Dump trucks gravel (40) 1,600
Cement mixers (40) 1,600
Concrete pumper (1) 40
Lumber or structural steel (6) 240
Crane/rigger (2) 80
Drywall (4) 160
Roofing (4) 160
Total (221) $8,840

After observing three large home building projects, I am of opinion that homeowners/homebuilders should be charged these proposed fees on a per truck basis because heavy vehicles create significantly more damage, wear and tear to our roads and road beds than smaller delivery trucks or personal vehicles. Personally, I am not in favor of an alternative flat-fee, nor any percentage-based fee based on building permit stated-values. However, I suspect Restrictions Committee is willing to negotiate.
I encourage you to obtain a copy of Restrictions Committee’s latest recommendation to the board of directors. If you feel the same way I do, ask board members to endorse and implement a “Roads Impact Fee” schedule.
~Bruce Braun

The QMGA schedule in a nutshell—plus a letter from your QMGA Board President

By John Carson

QMGA Tournament Schedule for 2017

A description of these events can be found on the QMGA web site
April 8: Opening Day “Superintendents and Professionals Revenge”
May 13: QMGA “Fab Four”
June 10 – 11: QMGA Classic
July 12-15: Lake Classic
August 5- 6: Member/Member
August 19 – 20: Club Championship Qualifying
August 26 – 27: Club Championship Match Play
September 16: “Triple Threat”
October 14: Closing Day “Big Cup Super-Six”
Listed below are two events for men sponsored by the Quivira Golf Pro Shop

March 18: 2-Man “Cross Country”
October 6 – 7: Quivira Cup

QMGA Web Site
All QMGA members are encouraged to visit the web site, No password is needed. Just some of the information available is listed below.
Tournament Schedule and Description
Tee Sheet
Course Conditions
Tournament Results
KC Cup New

A Letter from the QMGA Board President
Members of the QMGA
Lake Quivira Country Club
At the 11/21/16 Annual LQ Membership Meeting held to vote on approving the 2017 Budget – Ballot Item #6 which authorized the expenditure of up to $97,000 from the Long Term Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Golf Course projects failed by a vote of 100 in favor and 106 opposed.
Fairway Re-contouring $15,000
Cart Path Replacement $30,000
Tee Box Restoration $30,000
#13 Restroom Roof $ 2,000
Additional Irrigation $10,000
Pond Rehabilitation $10,000
The expenditures listed above that made up Ballot Item #6 involve normal and necessary recurring expense maintenance items which must be done each year just to maintain the quality of our golf course.
It should be noted that golf course related Ballot Item #7, which would have authorized an expenditure of up to $80,000 from the Long Term Capital Asset Reserve Fund for renovation of #8 green, also failed by a vote of 86 in favor and 122 opposed.
On Mon., March 27, at 7 p.m., there will be another LQ Membership Meeting. Your LQ Golf Committee has asked the LQ Board of Directors to put before the community an updated ballot item which will address the need to fund normal and necessary recurring expense maintenance items that must be done each year to maintain the quality of our golf course. The LQ Golf Committee is very aware that this Ballot Item failed last November, so they are only asking for $88,000 (vs. $97,000).
The modified ballot items will look as follows:
Turf Conversion Areas: $15,000  $10000. We are in the 4th year of our turf conversion project in the rough. We have been converting warm season (mainly Bermuda grass) to a Bluegrass/Fescue mix for better playability and aesthetics. Areas on holes #3, 5, 9 and 11 are next on the list.
Cart Paths: $30,000.  Like Our Lake Quivira roads, our cart paths are showing their age and are in need of replacement. The thin overlay that had been done as repair in the past is now crumbling. This money will be used to fix a small portion of the needed areas of cart paths that have deteriorated.
Wall Repair:  $30,000. Several stone walls on the course are in need of replacement. Silt needs to be removed from the pond on #13 and the retaining walls need to be replaced. The wall behind hole #5 green is crumbling and is a potential safety hazard.
Bunkers: $10,000. We are in the final phase of our bunker repair project! A bunker has an expected shelf life of six to ten years, and we have been repairing a few bunkers each of the past five years. The repair work includes; restoring bunker to original grade, replacement of drainage system, installing new bunker liner and filling with high quality sand. The result is a more playable, eye appealing, lower maintenance bunker. This money will help to finish the remaining bunkers on holes 11, 12, 14 and 18.
Additional Irrigation: $10,000 $8000. Replacement of our old, worn out irrigation system in 2007 enabled us to be more efficient and effective in covering our turf. But while the new system is a vast improvement, it falls short in areas surrounding most of our greens. As we convert turf in needed areas, we must first provide irrigation necessary for establishment of healthy turf. The main areas of concern are around the green banks, areas where our golfers expect great turf conditions.
#13 Restroom Roof Repair: $2000.
As you can see, these are normal and necessary recurring expense maintenance items that must be done each year in order to maintain the quality of our golf course.
Two additional items I wanted to make you all aware of:
1. #8 green: Regarding the condition of #8 green and the fact that Ballot Item #7 (which would have secured its renovation) failed, your LQ Golf Committee has decided not to put #8’s green renovation up to a vote again this coming March and will put this off until the 2019 scheduled replacement of greens 3, 4, 5, 8 & 13 (note: these 5 greens were retained and not updated during the golf course renovation project of 2002-2003).
The LQ Golf Committee realizes there is a chance we could lose #8 green again this summer, but at this point this gamble is our only alternative. With this in mind the LQ Golf Committee hopes everyone understands it will take a great deal of effort by Jeff Eldridge and our excellent golf maintenance staff to keep #8 green in a playable state. It could be an issue again this summer.
2. #15 water feature: A long term solution is being looked at in detail right now and we hope to have a strategic plan to fix it within 2 months. Our hope is to put a solution and associated cost in front of the LQ Board this coming fall and then put it to a community vote at next November’s Membership Meeting. Know that your QMGA Board, LQ Golf Committee and QMGA leadership is in complete alignment on being more diligent in making our membership more informed well in advance of any upcoming project requests.
I hope you found this information informative. My ask of each QMGA member is to vote “YES” on the ballot item that will fund the normal & necessary recurring expense maintenance items listed above at the upcoming LQ Membership Meeting set for Mon., March 27, at 7 p.m.
Thank you in advance for your support & confidence.
~ Robert Sanders, QMGA Board President

It’s time to sign up for LQ Ladies’ 9-hole Golf

By Lisa Coffman
Spring is quickly approaching. Time to dust of those golf clubs and start having some fun outdoors with girlfriends. New golfers, I would like to extend a personal invitation to you.
Call the pro shop to join the ladies 9-hole, Wednesday morning golf league. The season cost is only $65. All levels of golfers are welcome, and If you are already a member, I hope to see you back out there this spring.
Opening day is Tues., Apr. 4. Our format will be a “Big Cup Scramble,” with a delicious brunch at the Clubhouse following. If you can’t make Tuesday, We will have the course open for you to “MYOG” (make your own game) on Wednesday with your friends. If you want to have the pro shop help you with a pairing, give them a call any time, and they will be happy to set you up with another player.
I will be hosting our spring luncheon at my home on May 3. This group is a great way to get to know new people and play with your friends in a casual atmosphere.
This year our great pros have put together some awesome scramble events. We usually start play around 8:30 a.m., depending on the format, and it only takes about two hours of your day. There are great prizes and luncheons.
If you decide to join us, don’t forget to sign up on the QWGA website. It’s easy, and you will receive golf league information via e-mail, including information regarding frost and rain delays on play dates. It’s easy to sign up. Just go to the website,, type “join,” supply your email address and click “follow.”
The 2017 9-hole committee chairs are as follows: Chairman, Lisa Coffman; Treasurer, Aline Zimmer; Special Events chairs, Christi Stewart and Christy Heller; Social/recruitment chair, Bridget Vani; Pairings, Pro Shop; Scores/SLN/QLN, Dee Sedler.
Call the pro shop to sign up if you haven’t already.

QWGA—Here are your prelims

By Jody McCamish
1. Returning QWGA members (18- and 9-hole) will be billed automatically by the office in April. If you do not want to be a member this year, contact Joyce Terbovich before the end of March. New members should contact Joyce to be added to the billing.
2. Opening Day is April 4. Starting time will depend upon the weather.
3. The Big Hole Step Aside Tournament for both 9- and 18-hole players will be May 9, starting at 2 p.m. There will be a cocktail party with salad and pizza following the round.
4. The Pocahontas dates are June 19, 20 and 21. It’s a 4-man team event.
5. We are doing Quivira Low Net (QLN) this summer rather than State Low Net. You do not need to be a member of the Kansas Women’s Golf Association to play in the QLN. If you want to play in other KWGA events, let Joyce know so she can add that membership to your bill.
If you are curious about other tournament dates and guest days, you can call the pro shop. When the calendar is finished, you will be able to access the calendar from the website.

Four candidates are running for three slots on the Q Inc. Board of Directors

Bryan Albers
Bryan Albers

It is an honor to be nominated to serve on the Lake Quivira Board. Lake Quivira is a special place filled with amazing amenities and even more amazing residents. Current and previous board members have done a great job of ensuring that Lake Quivira remains one of Kansas City’s finest communities. Serving on the house committee has shown me that, while we are a diverse and vocal group, when we work together great things happen.
My wife Jody and I moved in to our house at 209 Apache Trail West in 2011. I had served on a bank board with Pat McAnany for several years, but was not very familiar with Lake Quivira. Our board had an event at the clubhouse. It was a perfect, sunny, Lake Quivira day. We sat on the patio and watched what seemed like a hundred kids playing on the beach and in the lake. At some point Mel jokingly said we should move to the lake. We started looking the next day. We looked at every house on the market and were thrilled when we found the Hanko’s house. Built in 1992 it was pretty new by Lake Quivira standards. A little paint and we’d be good to go. In typical Lake Quivira fashion we immediately started gutting the place, and within a couple years we had completely remodeled the whole house. We feel very blessed to get to enjoy the house with our daughters, Rachel and Erin, and our dogs, Izzy and Zoey.
Professionally, I owned a training company that specialized in exam preparation for insurance agents and stock brokers for thirteen years. When I sold the company and retired in 2009, I had 75 employees. Managing a diverse group of employees taught me a lot about working with people, a skill that I’m sure will come in handy on the board.
Whether on Winer Wednesdays, on the lake, or on the golf course I have had the pleasure of meeting most of my fellow residents. Though I have only lived here for six years, Lake Quivira is definitely home. For that reason, I look forward to working with the board to continue to make this place as good as it can be. There are many important decisions to be made which will have a dramatic impact on the future of Lake Quivira, and I promise to listen to all sides of these discussions and do what is best for the entire community.
I would appreciate your support in the upcoming election.


Russ French
Russ French

Occupation: Retired (Formerly an Executive with DineEquity, parent company of the Applebee’s and IHOP restaurant brands). My background includes operations management, insurance, financial planning, budgeting, risk management, development, safety, security and crisis management.
Education: Undergraduate – Business Pittsburg State University; MBA – Rockhurst University (Executive Fellow).
Carol and I first moved to Lake Quivira in 1973 following college and my three-year commitment as a Field Artillery officer in the Army. Our early years at the Lake found us involved in the usual variety of activities such as golf, tennis, Lake Clean-up, and of course on the lake. During that time, I also served as Treasurer and City Clerk for the City of Lake Quivira.
The addition of our two children (Regan and Matt) was partially responsible for the move to our second house at the Lake. This also changed our independent lifestyle as we became totally engrossed in the “kid centered” activities. The kids attended the LQ Pre-school, participated in the LQ Recreation Program, swim team, Junior Golf, Tennis and Quivira soccer team. Carol became active in the Mother’s Club and served as Director of the Pre-school. I, on the other hand, began my career as club coach for soccer/baseball/softball/basketball/tennis, which lasted through high school. We’re now in our third house, a partial tear-down/remodel. The kids are grown with families of their own, but long to someday to return and become a part of Quivira’s future.
For those of you new to the Lake, I previously served on the Board from 2009-2011 and as President in 2011. Since you have read this far, you realize I am again running for the Board. Yes, I am of sound mind in making this decision. During my first tenure, the Board always seemed to successfully vet each issue, found reasonable solutions and grappled with and successfully balanced the budget. Sometimes the work was arduous, but the goal was always the same–work for the betterment of Lake Quivira.
As a candidate for any elected position, people should know where you stand on the issues. It’s not difficult recognizing the beliefs that shape my position on issues at Lake Quivira. They include:
Financial stability and planning
Preserving Quivira’s unique character, lifestyle and assets
Timely, open, honest and accurate communication
Safety and security
Honesty and integrity
Accurately assessing the pulse of the membership on items affecting us all and managing accordingly.
We seem to have always successfully navigated our way from the past to the present, leaving the legacy of Quivira intact. There will always be things we will leave intact, tweak a little, continue to improve or change. Going forward, we must accurately assess and responsibly act on those issues which cause us to define our future. If change is warranted, it must be addressed in a sound and financially responsible manner.
I think you will find my knowledge of Lake Quivira and business experiences are well suited to serving on the Board. I look forward to your support at the Annual Meeting.

John Nelson
John Nelson

In 2014, Larie and I decided to move to Kansas City to be closer to our family, in particular our one-year old granddaughter. Having grown up in Chicago, Larie in Kansas, we knew what living in the Midwest had to offer and looked forward to the change from over 35 years in Texas. In hopes of finding a home near the water to satisfy my lifelong love of sailing, Larie was surprised to find Lake Quivira on the internet. We immediately fell in love with the area and after several months, with the help of Leigh Anne and Bob Thomas, were able to find our perfect home and moved in two years ago.
Our philosophy has always been to obtain the most enjoyment in life you need to be involved. As we began to get involved in Lake Quivira, we not only found new friend,s but also an appreciation for the community and have never looked back on our decision. Since moving here, I have served two years on the Safety and Security Committee, a year and a half on the Lake and Residential Committee and am proud to be one of a multitude of volunteers working on the trail system. Larie has also recently joined the Marketing Committee. Being nominated as a candidate for the Board of Directors was a surprise and a true privilege.
Professionally, after receiving a bachelor’s degree in chemistry with a concentration in biological sciences, I started my career as a Senior Development Chemist with a subsidiary of Halliburton. Soon after, I began a 23 year career with Tuboscope in their Internal Pipe Coating Division, later serving for nine years as Vice President and General Manager overseeing thirteen plants in six countries. I was then offered a position with SCF Partners, a private equity firm, to assist in the formation of a flow measurement company through several strategic acquisitions. I was Vice President of this company until it was sold two years later.
After working almost thirty years in the oilfield service industry, Larie and I made the decision to leave the corporate world and go into business for ourselves. Soon after, we acquired Key Allegro Marina located in Rockport, Texas, on the Gulf Coast. As a recreational service business, it was very similar to Lake Quivira Country Club in that it provided services purchased on a discretionary basis for pure enjoyment and lifestyle.
Key Allegro Marina included 158 boat slips, a full service fuel dock, ships store, restaurant and numerous ancillary support services. Starting as a breakeven at best operation with 65 percent occupancy, we soon built it into one of the top marinas in Texas with a two-year waiting list to obtain a slip. We were twice awarded Marina of the Year honors and initially were one of only 46 marinas certified as a Clean Marina by the EPA, TCEQ and Sea Grant Texas. We were later chosen as Clean Marina of the Year for three consecutive years. Additionally, we were awarded an OSPRA Award by the State of Texas for our environmental initiatives.
As you look forward to the future of Lake Quivira, I truly believe there are three areas that we need to always remain focused on. Firstly, maintain our infrastructure on an annual basis. This includes the lake and surrounding shoreline, the golf course, and the roads and drainage system. Secondly, as a recreational service business you must be cognizant of the community and its ever changing needs. The Board must always stop, look and listen to the community, and truthfully, without politics or an agenda, evaluate their ideas for change. Finally, and most important, never deviate from the core values of Lake Quivira, being foremost a family community and club that supports a family lifestyle no matter the age. These items will be my focus if elected to serve as a Board member.

Tim Wilson
Tim Wilson

It is an honor and privilege to be nominated for the Board of Directors at Lake Quivira. We have an incredibly diverse mix of residents and amenities at LQ, and it truly is a great community. Serving on Finance Committee and Strategic Planning Committee has given me additional insight into the current and future needs of LQ. I feel that the Board and committees have done a great job of being stewards of our finances and protecting and enhancing our assets. The decisions that we will make as a community over the next three to five years will have a long-term impact, and I look forward to being part of the leadership of LQ as we finalize our planning.
My wife Michelle and I purchased our house at 540 Lakeshore Drive West in early 2013, and moved full-time to LQ later that summer. We had looked at moving into Lake Quivira on two different occasions over the past years, so we were familiar with the general aspects of the Community. We really did not appreciate the spirit of LQ until some friends (the Frooks’) invited us out for the 4th of July celebration in 2012 – surprise, a few months later we bought our house in Lake Quivira!! After getting the our other house sold, we were able to concentrate on enjoying the lake, golf, clubhouse and sense of community that is LQ – and doing the time honored tradition at Lake Quivira – remodel our house. It has been truly amazing watching the remodels and new construction going on around LQ. It has been wonderful to meet new friends, and help recruit some of our off lake friends to take the leap and move into Lake Quivira. When we moved into Lake Quivira, our two sons were already out of the house – one graduated from college, the other a sophomore in college at the time – they both wish we would have moved to LQ much sooner so they could have enjoyed their time living here. I currently serve on the Finance Committee and Strategic Planning Committee at Lake Quivira.
Professionally, I am a CPA and partner in the Kansas City office for BKD, LLP, a national CPA and Advisory firm with 36 offices and over 2,600 employees. I focus in our audit practice, and serve as the National Industry Partner for Construction & Real Estate at BKD. In my role as National Industry Partner, I represent the firm dealing with matters related to our construction and real estate practice throughout our footprint, which gives me broad exposure to issues related to construction projects, commercial and residential real estate development and strategic planning matters. I have served on numerous boards and committees of professional and community organizations throughout my career, including Easter Seals, Combined Health Appeal, Chair of the Board of St. James Academy from 2009 to 2014, Kansas City Area Development Council, Construction Financial Managers Association, Associated General Contractors of America, and I currently serve as an advisory board member to the School of Business at Truman State University.
A few of the challenges and opportunities of Lake Quivira that I feel we must address at the Board level:
Protect our existing assets
Preserve and maintain our lake and beaches in a prudent, healthy manor
Enhance and beautify a golf course that dates to 1930
Update and expand the use of our beautiful clubhouse and other facilities
Keep our focus on a safe, secure environment for our residents and guests
Protect and increase our property values into the future
Strategically plan for the next 30 years
Continue to evaluate our financial health
Continue to gather community input for various initiatives
Enhance our brand and awareness in the greater Kansas City area
Develop an executive succession plan for our key employees
During the four years that Michelle and I have lived at Lake Quivira, I have heard many different opinions as to the direction our community is heading. The only thing I can promise you is that doing nothing is not an option – we need to have open, honest dialogue with our community members on various issues related to the future of Lake Quivira. I will always listen to input, and will always make my decision based on what is best for Lake Quivira.

Garden Club kicks off new season with Floral Art

By Randy Reed
I am happy to introduce myself as the new Garden Club President. We have a wonderful, hard working executive board and are ready for a great year.
Garden Club is ready to get started with a creative, fabulous program from Andrea Grist Floral Art. Andrea has presented at several Home and Garden Shows and the St. Louis Museum
Andrea will be presenting the basics of floral design with a special focus on local flower growers. We will be making an individual arrangement to take home. More details to follow.
Save the date for this first Garden Club meeting and program on March 30 in the Great Room. Social time and coffee at 8:45, a.m., with a business meeting at 9:00 and program at 10:00. Lunch will be served after the program.
This year, there will be also be some exciting meetings in the evening so the men can join us for the fun.