9-Hole women end year on high note at Top Golf — Next Year: Pocahontas!

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By Aline Zimmer

The Nine Hole Women golfers ended the year with a holiday outing at Top Golf on December 13. In 2018 Robin Kistler and Lisa Coffman will co-chair the organization, Christi Heller will continue to chair special events, and Aline Zimmer will continue as treasurer. Save the date for the Pocahontas tournament, scheduled for September 11-13, which will have a nine-hole flight for the first time.

QMGA board elects 2018 officers

By John Cotter
The following QMGA Board members were elected as officers for 2018: President, Robert Sanders; Vice-President, Dave Jones; Treasurer, Kevin Londeen; Secretary, Randy Cruse; Committee Chairman, Scott Yates; Social Media Chairman, Kevin Murray.
John Cotter was elected to write The Quivirian monthly news article, and Tom Drysdale and Don Cox are QMGA Board members at large. Robert Sanders, Don Cox and Dave Jones will represent QMGA on the Standing Golf Committee. Scott Strohm is the 2018 Lake Classic Chairman, and Mike Noack will be the 2019 Lake Classic Chairman.
QMGA dues will be increasing from $85 to $100 annually effective January 1, 2018.
The annual appreciation dinner for the Pro Shop and Golf Course Maintenance Staffs will be Tue., Jan. 9, 2 at 6:30 p.m. at the Shawnee Herford House.
Don Cox reported the Golf Committee’s top priority for 2018 is to fix the creek beside Hole #15.

LAKE QUIVIRA COMMUNITY MINISTRY: The Little Church with the Big Heart

By Barb Prater
Do you love to sing “Joy to the World” or love to hear Handel’s great music swelling in a beautiful place? “And heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing … Let all their songs employ; while fields and floods, rocks, hills, and plains repeat the sounding joy ….” This beloved hymn was written in 1719 by Isaac Watts and incorporated some ideas from Psalm 98:4-9. Many of us have sung this hymn for years but never paid any attention to the words.
0118 lqcmThis past Advent season, several members of Lake Quivira Community Ministry gathered in each other’s homes to ponder our study book, All Earth is Waiting, Good News for God’s Creation at Advent by Katie Z. Dawson. Dawson serves as lead pastor at Immanuel United Methodist Church in Des Moines, Iowa, with a background in communications, religion, and physics.
Most Advent studies remind us of our busyness and the surrounding commercialism leading up to Christmas. In their two-fold purpose we are beckoned first to prepare for the arrival of a tiny infant Christ (from the Greek word adventus); the second reminds us of our anticipation of Christ’s return (Greek word parousia). This 2017 Advent study, led by Rev. Pam Bauer Nolan, fulfilled that two-fold purpose and so much more by exploring the familiar themes of hope, preparation, joy, and peace. Author Katie Dawson had us reading scripture and exploring these themes while connecting them to the idea that all of creation–the heavens, the universe, the world, the rocks, the animals, the people–long for Christ’s coming.
If you have ever studied ecology or environmental science, you would see and read some familiar references and citations to natural disasters, man-made catastrophes and economic concerns seemingly more important than humans, animal-life or plant-life. Even though it seems overwhelming to a lot of people, there is good news. “The very Spirit of God has entered our lives so that we can . . . honor the image of God in our lives and to practice dominion over this world. We are called to imitate Christ and to enter deeply into the realities of this world and to bring healing and restoration wherever we walk. We are called to live humbly and to give of ourselves so that others–all others, including animals, plants and the soil we walk on–might experience life . . . All the earth is waiting for us to make room for the presence of God to dwell in all of creation.”
Have you heard heaven and nature sing God’s praises?
Rev Ira DeSpain and Rev Pam Bauer Nolan bring a bright spot to Lake Quivira.
January 7 – Genesis 9: 8-17; Mark 1: 4-11 “Water” Ira (Meeting in the home of Paul Welcome, 530 Lakeshore West, instead of the Clubhouse)
January 14 – John 1: 43-51 “Hit the Road” Ira
January 21 – Jonah 3:1-5 “A Changed Mind” Pam
January 28 – Deuteronomy 18:15-20 “A Prophet’s Magin” Pam
Many blessings to you. For more information, contact Roy Worthington, 913-962-4557, hankw1945@gmail.com.

Quivira Marketplace – January 2018

HOUSE CLEANING, ALSO PET, HOUSE TENDING IN YOUR ABSENSE: 20 years’ experience, residential & commercial, Q references. Burma Mealor, supervisor. 913-579-4730. 6/18
HOUSECLEANING: V’s CLEANING has been serving the Johnson County area since 2002! LQ references provided, licensed/insured. Contact Virginia Burnham for your quote today! 913-271-3181 or vrstewartop@hotmail.com 06/18
JUST REMODELED AND HAVE ITEMS FOR SALE: 8’ X 11’ Cream and Brown Nourison 2000 Collection Wool Persian Rug; 9’ X 12’ Brown, Red and Black pattern Azeri III Turkish Wool Rug; 2 sets of Pendant lights for bar or counter; French wooden armed chair; 72” X 30” Wooden Chinese character decorative wall hanging; 2 All Wood Counter height stools, worn black frame with honey brown seats. Call 913 707-4796.
PIANO TEACHER COMING TO LAKE QUIVIRA: Are you ready to take piano lessons? I have over 20 years of teaching experience and am looking to add both children and adults to my studio. The best part is, I will come to your house! Call for prices and schedule. Suzanne Lee-Hern (Bob Lee’s daughter) at:  913.461.4008.

They painted the town red on New Year’s Eve at LQ

0118 paint cans










0118 sherry metcalf
Sherry Metcalf created red feather/flower arrangements for the tables.

0118 table decorations


































Gary Anderson and crew hung 100 red lanterns.
Gary Anderson and crew hung 100 red lanterns.


The dance floor was packed all night.
The dance floor was packed all night.
0118 lighted martini glass
Even the martinis were “painted” red.





























Some guests opted for quiet conversation in the Piano Bar.
Some guests opted for quiet conversation in the Piano Bar.

All ten ballot items pass at annual budget meeting

1217 steve and landy high five
PHOTO: Steve Sestak, Q Inc. Board President and Chairman of the Strategic Planning Committee (2nd from left) and Landy Boling, member of Strategic Planning Committee, exchange hearty congratulations following the November Annual Budget Meeting, during which members voted in record numbers to move forward on a Community Center, Golf Practice Range, Beach Pavilion and Nature Center. Joining in the moment are Margaret Bowker (left), Board member and Vice Chair of the SPC; Don Cox (4th from left), member of Golf Committee; John Nelson (putting on jacket in background), Board member and Chair of Lake and Residential Committee; and Jim Wright (right), member of the Lake Quivira Foundation.







Q Inc. Annual Budget Meeting results
2018 Operating & Capital Budgets

Ballot Item #1: To authorize the increase in monthly dues for the Operating Budget, effective January 1, 2018. Passed 250 in favor and 93 opposed.
Ballot Item #2: To authorize the increase in monthly dues for the Capital Equipment Fund. Passed – 302 in favor and 41 opposed.
Ballot Item #3: To authorize the increase in monthly dues for the Capital Asset Reserve Fund. Passed – 299 in favor and 45 opposed.
Ballot Item #4: To authorize the expenditure of up to $377,640 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Community Projects: Road Maintenance, Storm Water Maintenance, Tree Maintenance, Irrigation (Common Areas). Passed – 325 in favor and 20 opposed.
Ballot Item #5: To authorize the expenditure of up to $236,410 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Country Club Projects: Clubhouse, Golf Course, Golf Shop/Range, Tennis (Court Resurfacing). Passed – 285 in favor and 61 opposed.
Ballot Item #6: To authorize the expenditure of up to $154,102 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the following Administrative Projects: Computer Systems, Security, Emergency Reserve (All Departments). Passed – 306 in favor and 40 opposed.

2018 Strategic Projects

Ballot Item #7: To authorize, with respect to the design, construction, equipment and furnishings of the Community Center: Design Funding, Construction Funding, and, subject to the determination of a viable financing and funding alternative, the expenditure of up to $5,500,000 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the Community Center. Passed – 202 in favor and 140 opposed.
Ballot Item #8: To authorize the following provisions with respect to the design, construction, equipment and furnishings of the Golf Practice Facility: the increase in monthly dues for the Capital Asset Reserve Fund of $15 per month for Homeowners, Lot Owners, Country Club, and Junior Country Club members, effective January 1, 2018, through December 31, 2037 (240 months); and the expenditure of up to $1,200,000 from the Capital Asset Reserve Fund for the Golf Practice Facility. Passed – 209 in favor and 134 opposed.
Ballot Item #9: To authorize the construction of a Beach Pavilion on the Dedicated Area of Crescent Beach. No funding from Quivira, Inc. is required for this project. Passed – 308 in favor and 38 opposed.
Ballot Item #10: To authorize the demolition of the existing Isolation Horse Barn and the construction of a Nature Center on the Dedicated Area of the Equestrian Center. No funding from Quivira, Inc. is required for this project. Passed – 307 in favor and 32 opposed.



A Summary of the November 28, 2017 Board Meeting

Betsy Vossman thanked the Board for all the work they did on the Strategic Master Plan and for achieving the positive voting outcome during the Annual Budget Meeting last night.
President Sestak announced Tray Vedock has accepted the role of Chairman of the Board Nominating Committee. He expressed his strong appreciation for the high voter turnout (nearly 90 percent) this year, and commended the Board, the General Manager and each of the committees for their efforts this year.
General Manager Report
Mr. Goss stated the new network wiring in the Quivira, Inc. office has proved successful, along with connectivity to the golf course maintenance shop. However, the Clubhouse has had major connectivity issues which are due to poor wiring. Mr. Goss said he is currently waiting for a quote on this project. Additionally, he is expecting a proposal from Spectrum to move us from residential bandwidth to commercial bandwidth to improve wireless speeds across the various facilities.
New Business
President Sestak suggested the budgeting process we went through over the past couple of months be documented to help make future budget processes run more smoothly. The advanced information and multiple member meetings helped contribute to more informed decisions during the voting process.
Marketing Committee
Steve Graves from Creative Golf Marketing will be attending the committee’s December meeting. Ms. Bowker said she should have a report to present to the Board at the January meeting. Ms. Bowker also mentioned the new guest pass was approved during the last Safety and Security meeting and will start being used on November 29.
Lake and Residential Committee
Mr. Nelson stated he and Mr. Goss met with Chad Johnson to start preparing the matching funds request to Johnson County for the Navajo Street drainage project. He continued by saying there is a strong possibility we could include the box culvert in Cove 5 in that grant. If awarded the grant, Johnson County would pay 75 percent of the cost of the project.
Restrictions Committee
Mr. Braun made a motion for final approval of additional text to be added to an existing rule under Construction Regulations, Site Grading and Surface Water. Motion approved unanimously. Mr. Braun noted last month there were numerous issues with application preparation.
Safety and Security Committee
Ms. Walker asked the Board for suggestions on how to deal with members who are not willing to use the ABDI/Gate Access System. Discussion ensued on this subject; however, no conclusion was obtained. Ms. Walker said her committee will continue to discuss, and a recommendation will be brought to the Board.
Golf Committee
Mr. Markley asked the Board to approve Cathy Goodger and David Jones to the Golf Committee, replacing Jody McCamish and Jack Carson. Approval was unanimous.

Rule Change: Construction Regulations Site Grading and Surface Water – Approved at the November 28 Board Meeting

Motion: The RCARB chairman requests board approval of the following rule change (additional text shown in bold italic type below existing rule)
Quivira, Inc. Rules & Regulations Chapter VI
Residential Construction, page 3
7. Site Grading and Surface Water
The construction grading and final grading of the site for building or improvement shall be accomplished and permanently maintained in such a manner so as to control the flow of surface water and prohibit, in so far as possible, its entry onto adjacent private property in other than designated or controlled water courses. The owner shall be responsible for providing drainage and siltation control during construction.
Quivira, Inc. may require, as evidence, that the work for which the building application is approved will not cause the surface drainage to change in a manner that would adversely affect surrounding properties, watershed, streams or the lake, including but not limited to, a drainage study signed and stamped by a registered engineer so certifying.