Yacht Club – April 2010

By Charles Segebrecht

Despite the relentless onslaught of cold weather this winter, the break from last summer’s Club season was a welcome one. Repairing boats, planning social events, improving the marina, providing individual lessons, racing every Sunday and hosting the National Sweet Sixteen Regatta–all were facilitated seemingly with ease by our Club members. And so at the end of a most fulfilling season, many of us welcomed the deepfreeze. Continue reading Yacht Club – April 2010

Don’t Fall For Pine Wilt Remedy

By Connie Huerter

It seems that, as Tree City chairman, each article that I’ve written has been a warning of some sort.  This one is no different.  This is the latest alert from the state forest service.  It is a heads up regarding a product that is being falsely marketed in Kansas, as a control treatment for pine wilt disease.  If you don’t know about this disease, you’ve certainly seen it’s effects in the dead and dying pines all over the metropolitan area.  It is devastating hundreds of pines with no known treatment at the present time. Continue reading Don’t Fall For Pine Wilt Remedy

Prevent Zebra Mussels at Lake Quivira

To help prevent a Zebra Mussel infestation at Lake Quivira: Please refrain from bringing live bait buckets into LQ. Please make sure your guests refrain from doing so as well. As always, make sure to accompany your guests when they fish.